The sole purpose of MyMilestoneCard is to help you improve your credit score and evaluate all relevant cardholders for better credit. The Official Milestone Card is an official product of the Bank of Missouri, based in Dixon, Missouri.


The official financial institution is certainly legitimate due to its FDIC insurance coverage for the cardholder. Milestone Gold MasterCard is without a doubt one of the high-risk bank cards you will find. Cardholders, don’t be fooled by low credit limits and high annual payment fraud.

If you are looking to rack up money, avoid expensive cards and go for a more secure card. Secure cards like MyMilestoneCard are generally available at no annual fee and are also available to people with low credit balances.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About My Milestone Card

Is the structure of MyMilestoneCard legitimate?

This card does not charge a margin to cardholders. However, the high annual fees compared to other premium credit cards lead to an awkward situation. See below on the official website MyMilestoneCard.com.

Can I close my MyMilestoneCard account?

Cardholders can request the cancellation of their official MyMilestoneCard login account during business hours by calling customer service located on the back of the card or on the card statement.

What is the credit limit for MyMilestoneCard?

The Milestone card does not require a specific amount and officially has a credit limit of more than $ 300 for cardholders. This is useful for people with unsecured credit cards.

Does MyMilestoneCard offer a credit boost?

Compared to other unsecured cards, Milestone MasterCard does not offer cardholders an increased credit limit on the MyMilestoneCard login portal.

What is a milestone on my Milestone credit card?

The MyMilestoneCard registration and activation process is probably a critical step for cardholders. Follow the instructions and instructions on the screen for help.